A letter to Mas Ihsan #04

Dear mas Ihsan

I wrote this letter in a way to Batu, where we plan to meet. I have a horrible week and lots of works I have to do. Sometimes, when talking to your mom, I want to get my retirement earlier.
In couples months, tasks will be overwhelming. As you know, I have to work at the Health Department also. Meanwhile, my status as chief of Public Health Center is needed me concentrate more since District Government decide to make it as Regional Public Service Agency (in Indonesia we called it BLUD).

The purpose of this is to provide flexibility in managing PHC in finance. I hope we will be able to talk about this next time.

In my assignment as a health assessor, I deliberately asked for a slower schedule to be able to do the tasks in Probolinggo, as I mentioned before. This tasks must be done first compared to the committee assignment.

But I will share some later experiences about the cities I visit. There are some exciting things that I hope can add to your insight about Indonesia. We are a rich country, both with natural resources and with culture. There were many stories about culture when I was in Pekalongan, even in the city of Bogor which had an urban type and was very close to the capital city of Jakarta.

Hopefully, when you get access to read emails, we will be able to exchange more stories about many things.

We miss you and hope we can meet soon. Hopefully, your class report card is also good for this beginning. And the time we will spend in two days brings a lot of memories.

See you later.

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