Berhasil Turun 12 KG, Alhamdulillah

Saya mulai coba menurunkan berat badan pada 3 bulan belakangan ini. Dan turun lumayanlah turun 12 Kg. Karena lagi banyak yang bisa saya kerjain, akhirnya bikin pos ini. Setelah sekian lama ngga ngeblog, jadi kangen juga pengen nulis lagi. Nah ini deh sementara saya simpen di PDF aja ya laporan bagaimana saya turun 12 Kgnya. Ayo kalo ini ada manfaatnya untuk anda, ikut juga yuk cara hidup sehat. [LINK DOWNLOAD]

Kapan diterapkannya Standar Akreditasi Puskesmas versi 2020?

Hari ini terjawab sudah kapan diterapkannya Standar Akreditasi Puskesmas versi 2020 yang disusun mulai tahun 2018, dipoles, dibuat menjadi SIAP 218, SIAP 219 .. dikembang-kempiskan dari meledak jadi 900++ EP turun menjadi 7 bab, turun jadi 500 dan sekarang tersisa 318 EP dengan isyarat bahwa ini masih dalam pembahasan, menurut ibu Hanum, Dir Mutu dan Akreditasi. Sehingga mungkin masih ada perubahan minor yang akan final disampaikan menurut janji bu Hanum – Marathon dan hasilnya dalam bentuk PMK akan ada dalam kisaran 1 Bulan !


Semoga kesempatan yang saat ini tersedia segera dimanfaatkan oleh temen-temen yang tahun ini akan melaksanakan reakreditasi untuk finalisasi persiapan, karena sampai dengan akhir tahun tampaknya tetap akan menggunakan standar akreditasi sesuai dengan PMK 46 tahun 2015.

Berikut adalah video selengkapnya pemaparan dari Dir Mutu dan Akreditasi tentang Konsep Penyelenggaraan Akreditasi Puskesmas.

Berikut Link Download, materi yang disampaikan dan pembahasannya.
1. Konsep Penyelenggaraan Akreditasi Puskesmas
2. Pembahasan oleh Kadinkes Kalbar
3. Pembahasan oleh Prof. Adi Utarini

Selamat berjuang untuk mempersiapkan diri.


Agus Ciptosantoso

Pra Rakerkesnas 2020

Rakerkesnasnya baru akan dimulai besok, Rabu tanggal 19 Feb 2020 sampai dengan Kamis malam, begitu rencananya. Tapi hari ini sudah ada pendahuluan berupa pertemuan Pra Rakerkesnas untuk penyampaian materi-materi update yang saat ini juga banyak mendapatkan sorotan. Kalo menurut saya sih lebih kepada segera mendapatkan kepastian.

Dari materi (link adalah PDF dari presentasi yg disampaikan) yang direncanakan hari ini sebagai berikut :

  1. Laporan dan Pembukaan
  2. Penguatan Puskesmas yang fokus kepada Pelayanan Promotif dan Preventif oleh dr. Alma Lucyati, M.Kes,M.MSi, M. Hkes dan pembahasannya.
  3. Akreditasi Puskesmas oleh Direktur Mutu dan Akreditasi Pelayanan Kesehatan dan pembahasan – pembahasannya
  4. PMK 03 tahun 2020 (sampai saat ini belum ada file PDFnya) oleh Kepala Biro Hukum dan Organisasi dan Direktur Pelayanan Kesehatan Rujukan (video)
  5. Penguatan Program Kesehatan di daerah melalui Pembinaan Wilayah oleh Eselon I Kemenkes disampaikan oleh Sekretaris Jendral Kemkes

Temen-temen bisa mengikuti live acara ini dan besok melalui Rakerkesnas 2020. Juga beberapa video saya potong-potong untuk yang tidak sempat mengikuti live.

Contohnya pembukaan ini ..

Arahan dalam Prarakerkesnas oleh Sekjen Kemkes

Semoga bisa membantu untuk menikmati momen kesehatan nasional ini.

Agus Ciptosantoso

A letter to Mas Ihsan #04

Dear mas Ihsan

I wrote this letter in a way to Batu, where we plan to meet. I have a horrible week and lots of works I have to do. Sometimes, when talking to your mom, I want to get my retirement earlier.
In couples months, tasks will be overwhelming. As you know, I have to work at the Health Department also. Meanwhile, my status as chief of Public Health Center is needed me concentrate more since District Government decide to make it as Regional Public Service Agency (in Indonesia we called it BLUD).

The purpose of this is to provide flexibility in managing PHC in finance. I hope we will be able to talk about this next time.

In my assignment as a health assessor, I deliberately asked for a slower schedule to be able to do the tasks in Probolinggo, as I mentioned before. This tasks must be done first compared to the committee assignment.

But I will share some later experiences about the cities I visit. There are some exciting things that I hope can add to your insight about Indonesia. We are a rich country, both with natural resources and with culture. There were many stories about culture when I was in Pekalongan, even in the city of Bogor which had an urban type and was very close to the capital city of Jakarta.

Hopefully, when you get access to read emails, we will be able to exchange more stories about many things.

We miss you and hope we can meet soon. Hopefully, your class report card is also good for this beginning. And the time we will spend in two days brings a lot of memories.

See you later.

A letter to Mas Ihsan

Dear Mas Ihsan,

I write this letter because of my longing to always talk to you. From the time we visited you at your boarding school, there was a desire to talk about many things that could not be done well at the time.

So I try to write a few messages.

About our family.
Now, in our family, there are new habits, namely: checking your school Instagram account and WhatsApp messages from your murabbi. We hope that from the photos shared, we can see your happy face. And every one of us who can recognize you from many of your friends’ faces for the first time will be proud.
Where we eat together, we always remember you from what is your favorite food. Or even food that you don’t like. So the conversation at the dining table is also often about you.
Unlike when you’re here, your younger sisters always compete to deliver something that more than you. Now they are proud and happy with what you have done. They also realize that telling parents about their daily school life is essential. Sharing stories at the dining table is now more often than usual.
Mia is now more diligent, and I see her often learning from shubuh. Nisa is currently participating in many competitions. Later in the third week of this month, our family will be in 5 places. You are in Batu, I should be in Ponorogo, your mother in Banjarmasin, Mia in Jogja and Nisa in Malang.

About your school.
I am often asked about your school. We are proud of what you got at your school. Therefore, don’t waste this opportunity.
Don’t apologize for not being able to reach certain standards, as if I obliged you to achieve it. Just do it with pleasure. Don’t force yourself to do something because of us. For example, when memorizing the Holy Quran, do not feel the obligation to reach as I requested. But do it according to the guidance of your teachers. They have experienced. If I ask you to memorize 15 juzz does not mean that now you are just remembering 3 juzz will disappoint me. That is hope, not a necessity.
Do it because of Allah so it will be worth worshiping. Likewise, for all the lessons you receive from your teachers.
Learn to be a good leader. Later, it will be time for you to lead in front of your family, your friends, and your community. At least for yourself. Learning does not always have to be perfect, there must be mistakes. Learn the mistakes and correct them by looking at the cause.
Becoming a leader often becomes alone. The higher the tree, the faster the wind hits. Do muhassabah. Surrender to Allah for all deadlock. Perform worship and avoid sin as taqwa. You will soon see a way out (makhraja). That is the promise from Allah.
So, my son, learn. Be your best. We will always pray for your health and your mind to study well. Also, pray for us in your evening prayers; hopefully we can meet again in good times. Probably, we will be given a blessed rizki and time. So we can meet and continue share each other stories.

Greetings and many loves from us.

Your father

Herewith I send some textbooks as additional as you requested. And also a novel entitled Muhammad. Hopefully, He can be your role model.
I left a copy of the letter I sent you an email, later if you fail to save my message, there’s always a copy here.